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23 sept. 2007


(source : Indymedia UK)

Auteur : Ivan Noke

Today, September 22, the offices of the Zapara organization were broken into. Computers, files and more were stolen. This break-in comes just as investigations are underway on two recent attacks on the Zapara.

On August 26 Gloria Ushigua and Rosa Gualinga Dahua were brutelly attacked by four men. Two of their attackers have been identified as Nelson Santander Viteri and Juan Carlos Freire, who is a police officer.

One week earlier, in a community in Zapara territory Washu Mucushigua was stabbed in the eye and stomach with a broken bottle. He lost his eye. His wife, Amada, who is pregnant, was beaten badly and kicked repeatedly in the stomach. The Zapara leaders had been receiving threats for months before the attacks occurred. Land is Life has asked the government of Ecuador to provide them with police protection. We have been told that the Minister of Government has ordered the Governor of Pastaza to provide police protection two weeks ago, but so far no action has been taken. Their lives are in danger. Please contact the government of Ecuador and urge them to provide immediate protection for the Zapara leaders.

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