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31 mai 2005


(source : UC Davis)

A panel of Latin American women from the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues will discuss organizing from community to international levels at the UC Davis Gorman Museum at 2 p.m. Tuesday, May 31.

The title of the event is "Latin American Indigenous Women's Perspective on Community and International Organizing." This will be a moderated discussion, in which the speakers have questions ahead of time, followed by a question-and-answer time.

The guests (and their respective tribes) are:

* Tarcila Rivera (Quechua) from the organization Chirapaq in Peru;
* Maria Eugenia Choque Quispe (Aymara), who has worked in many Indigenous organizations in Bolivia and is now working in a government position at the national level;
* Gloria Ushigua (Zapara), who is the leader, along with her brother, of their Amazon community in Ecuador; and
* Margarita Gutierrez (Hñañhu), who has worked in the past for ANIPA and the Human Rights Commission in Chiapas and has been working for an elected representative in the Chiapas congress.

All four visitors regularly attend international forums such as International Indigenous Women's meetings (Tarcila organizes one in Peru), the Working Group on Indigenous Issues or the World Summit on the Information Society, as well as the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at the United Nations, which they will be attending directly before flying to California for this panel.

Organizer Kerin Gould, a graduate student in the UC Davis Department of Native American Studies, expects the panel to be quite lively.

"Because the Latin American Indigenous women are very demanding in these forums, they really take the issues on strongly and eloquently," she says.

The event is sponsored by the UC Davis Hemispheric Institute on the Americas and the Department of Native American Studies.

For more information, contact Gould at, or the institute at (530) 754-9453.

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